Malaysia has a good selection of international and private schools, colleges and universities that cater to all ages, subjects and curriculum; from pre-schools to post-graduate studies. In fact the country today is the world’s 11th largest exporter of educational services, and host to more than 90,000 international students from 100 different countries. Most international schools can be found in major towns with English and other foreign languages as the medium of instruction, though they may offer either the American, British or Australian curricula. For higher education, many private colleges and universities offer twinning degrees and 3+0 programmes that provide students with cost-effective route to obtain foreign degrees from universities in the UK, US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and France. There are also foreign branch campus universities which allow students to complete their foreign degrees locally. One of the main attractions of studying in Malaysia is the relatively low cost of tuition fees and living costs compared to Australia, the UK and US. Besides, the quality of teaching, facilities and recognition of degrees together with world's most culturally diverse society makes it a well worth option to be considered by prospective students. Foreign students are allowed to study in public schools whereby education is free and multilingual (Malay, Chinese or Tamil), and also public universities.

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