More from China opt to live here

KUALA LUMPUR: More Chinese nationals are expected to live in Malaysia and contribute to its economy, Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen said yesterday.
She said 3,332 of them are in the country under the Malaysia My Second Home Programme (MM2H).
With more arrivals, they were expected to boost the country's economic strength as they had enermous purchasing power.
The Tourism Ministry yesterday signed a memorandum of understanding with the Bank of China to promote Malaysia to their clients in China to participate in the MM2H programme.
MM2H is initiated by the government to invite foreign citizens to stay in Malaysia with a 10-year renewable social visit pass with multiple entry visas.
"We hope with this collaboration, more Chinese nationals would opt to live in Malaysia and eventually promote tourism as well as contribute to our economy," said Dr Ng.
She said the Chinese account for about 17.7 per cent of the 19,488 people from 120 countries who came to Malaysia under the MM2H since 2002. Other major participants include people from Bangladesh (12.4 per cent), Japan (11.2 per cent), Britain (9.7 per cent) and Iran (6.2 per cent).
"These expatriates bought RM1.5 billion worth of properties."
She said Malaysia was becoming a favourite place for foreigners to live because of its political stability, economic development, excellent infrastructure and easier connectivity to other places.
Dr Ng also launched a book entitled Enchanting Malaysia written by David Bowden.
The book contains exciting visuals and photographs which portray Malaysia as a wonderful tourist destination.
Source: New Straits Times, 9 Nov 2012